This site has been initiated and developed by Ipsen Ltd.
This site has been initiated and developed by Ipsen Ltd.

Information and support to help people
living with neuroendocrine tumours (NETs)

Learn about NETs

Learn about NETs

Learn about carcinoid tumours, GI-NETs, pancreatic NETs and lung NETs, and the symptoms of NETs

Learn About NETs
Diagnosis & Testing

Diagnosing NETs

Find out how NETs are diagnosed and the tests that healthcare professionals may use to monitor NETs

Diagnosis & Testing
Treating NETs

Treating NETs

Read about treatment options for NETs, including surgery, radiotherapy and medications

Treatment Options
FAQs by experts


Have a question about NETs? See if it has been answered by one of our experts

View FAQs

Talking about NETs

Talking about NETs

Letting others know how you feel is an important part of living with NETs

Talking About NETs
NETs & Work

NETs and work

Many people with NETs continue to work and are able to maintain a normal life during their treatment

NETs And Work

“It reassures me to know what’s facing me, and what I should do. I feel like I am part of a team and they are all going to look after me.”

Get support

Living with NETs is not something that you have to do alone. There is always help and support available if needed.

In this section of the Living with NETs website you can find patient support groups and a list of specialist NETs clinics. You can also find answers to questions people diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancers often ask.

NET patient support groups

NETs Patient Support Groups

Patient support groups for NETs can often provide social and emotional support

Find Patient Support Groups

Find support services in your area

Find a NETs Clinic

View a list of specialist NETs clinics and NETs hospital units in Europe

Find a NETs Clinic

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