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Sonia, Patient – Living with NETs

““I was very tired before my diagnosis of NETs. Fatigue was the reason I finally went to the doctor.””

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Typical delays to diagnosis

Many doctors are unfamiliar with NETs or neuroendocrine cancer. So they are less likely to suspect this condition when they are faced with symptoms.

It can often take 5 to 7 years for people with NETs to receive a proper diagnosis. On average people see three different doctors before they are finally diagnosed with NETs. This delayed diagnosis can happen for several reasons given below.

Early diagnosis of NETs

In some cases, NETs  are found accidentally at an early disease stage during regular health checks or during surgery for other conditions. An early diagnosis may help to improve the course of some NETs.

Ronny, Patient – Living with NETs

““Something I say now to everybody who’s looking for a diagnosis, make a note of your symptoms, see if you can tie them in to something else that’s causing them. Then take that evidence to your doctor. Don’t do what I did, which was to ignore it because I was too busy at work.”

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